Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zailen has a 1st cousin named Zailen!

Wow, Zailen is a big cousin to a little guy named Zailen... he came 4 months after Zailen. His nickname is Zaidubb(2). At first I wasnt sure of how I was going to react to my sister's new baby, being I lost my baby boy earlier that year. Going through the rest of her pregnancy was hard, the mad moments, the jealous moments, :( she understood though & I love her alot for doing so. Her baby being named after my son was a total surprise, I woke up that morning and went to the hospital to see him & they told me "Congrats on your new nephew Zailen Arkez Wallace"! My heart dropped, I didnt know how to feel about it at first, I thought "WOW are these people trying to replace my baby?" but then my sister explained to me that she did it in remembrance. I loved her for that, so now yearss from now, when Zaidubb is a grown man, I can tell him... "You were named after my first born son" It was an honor for him to have Zai's name. He will always be remembered by everyone now, not only I will make sure of that, but my nephew Zailen Arkez Wallace will too. xoxoxo

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